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Om Sokndals River Vald-og soneoversikt

Since the Sokna River is a rather small river, it is necessary that all anglers show respect towards one another and do not occupy the presumably best fishing spots for too prolonged a time. It is required that a change-of-places is exercised.

Some basic rules:

Fly fishing: You fish through a stretch of water and then leave the water, giving others a chance to have their turn. If you wish to fish the same beat over again, you start at the top of the stretch, possibly having to wait for your turn to come. At places, where you are blocked from moving farther downstream by obstacles, or at larger holes, you should not occupy these spots for longer than 30 minutes.

Worm fishing: Worm fishing is by nature a rather stationary business. It is allowed to remain in one place for 30 minutes, leaving it then to possible other anglers.

Spoon, Spinner, Wobbler fishing: Most of the places in the Sokna River suited for this type of fishing are rather small. These spots tend to become crowded rather quickly. Do not stay in such places longer than 30 minutes.

Please be aware of the fact, that the river and most of the more popular fishing places can be well observed from roads and other places. Your fellow anglers, who might be on the lookout for an "empty" spot, also know this.

Anglers not following the rules of "moving", will meet with reactions by the river attendants.